For years now the albums prepared by the Awizo-Feniks Publishing House have been constituting an important source of information on companies operating in Poland, on selected cities, the whole region and on the most significant institutions of science and culture. This is a wonderful promotion for a company.

The Awizo-Feniks Publishing House has already published as many as twenty beautiful colourful albums, richly illustrated with photographs. They have been published in over 100,000 copies. Sophisticated graphics, an immense load of information and the fact that all texts are written in two languages: Polish and English, decide about the attractiveness of this form of promotion.

Favourable opinions or even declarations of cooperation have come from institutions, Polish agencies and Embassies from various countries of Europe, as well as from other continents. Positive comments on the achievements of the Awizo-Feniks Publishing House have been made by, inter alia, the Minister for Economy of the Republic of Poland, or presidents of the largest chambers of commerce in Poland.

It is the intention of the Publishing House for each album to be a specific economic panorama. However, a crucial role is always played by the characteristic of a city to which a given publication is devoted. The Publisher much appreciates the fact that many albums have featured significant institutions of science, culture, healthcare and sports. Interviews have been given by e.g. rectors of the largest universities and colleges of the regions presented, as well as representatives of the presidium of the government of the Republic of Poland.

The albums published by Awizo-Feniks constitute an elegant form of promotion for every entity. An electronic version of the latest album from the series Regions and Cities of the European Union is available at Album Publications. At present another edition, Regions and Cities – Business Centres, is underway.

Institutions and companies interested in it are welcome to cooperate with us.